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Church Design
Dallas-Fort Worth

902 Wayside Way
Richardson, TX 75080
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Church Altar Interior


Architecture is not so much about building walls as it is about making ways. Our built environment, affects our moods and emotions, it can make us ill or help speed our recovery, it can make what we want to do a pleasure or make it impossible.Every group is profoundly introduced to the community around them by the architecture that surrounds them.


An architect can not serve his client beyond his ability to really listen. He must have heard who his client is and what it is he does before his design will accurately speak to others and adequately house the owner.


Stay small enough to allow the principals to do what they love, practice architecture, not marketing or management. Limit the amount of work done in any one year so that the best team in the office does all the work.Don't take any commission you feel is unimportant, ill timed or out of your area of expertise.Hire experienced personnel with diverse strengths, train them intensely and keep them.


The untrained eye has an innate ability to judge the structural stability of a building. Because of this buildings should have integrity in the story they tell structurally. Apparent beams and columns should indeed be the real means of support.


Religious Facilities and Church Buildings have been our particular interest and focus for the past 20 years. We are diligent students of the manner in which churches grow and the way that architecture can hinder or support growth. We are always happy to dialogue with pastors or Committee members. Please feel free to contact us.

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902 Wayside Way · Richardson, TX 75080 · Ph 972.235.8379 · Cell 214.403.2063